Livegood: A dream come true for Internet Marketing newbies and vets.

I got started with marketing at the ripe old age of 10 or 11 years old. lol. I would sell this and that door to door to my neighbors. Then I got involved with Amway as an adult and did well with that for several years. In 1996 I started marketing online as a side-hustle. But got serious in 2015 and by 2017 I was able to go full-time.

In all those years I have done just about anything and everything when it comes to marketing online and none of them bar none beats LiveGood. Whether you are new to Internet marketing or you are experienced as I am or more, LiveGood is the best you will find.

First of all the products are high quality, organic and inexpensive. I personally use 9 of the present 15 products that LiveGood has and I can personally see the difference they are making in my life. It is hard to believe how inexpensive these health and nutrition products are. Usually when there is a MLM health and nutrition the products are so expensive, the average person can not afford them and they don’t stay in the program. Not with LiveGood. As a member you can save from 70%-80% off retail compared to similar products elsewhere. Heck even if you are not a member you get phenomenal savings at retail price. AND there is no auto-ship or mandatory purchases like a lot of network marketing companies have. No PV or BV or binary or any of that mess. So retention is high in LiveGood!

As far as a network marketer’s dream and making money with it, I have never seen or experienced anything like LiveGood before and I have experienced a lot when it comes to marketing.

First of all, it is a low entry fee to get started and only $10 a month after that to me a member. There are 6 ways to get paid with LiveGood. The first way is the fast start bonus where you get paid $25 for referring people to become an affiliate and member. That is paid weekly so if you need money right away, the fast start will do that. Not only do you get paid for those you refer, but you also get paid for those who you referred referrals down to 10 levels deep depending on your level.

Then there is the Matrix bonus. Because you are in a 2×14 forced matrix, this causes spillover from your uplines and even if you never refer anyone, you could make up to $2047 a month by just remaining a member and doing nothing. But why would you not do anything? No telling how long it would take to get to the $2,047 a month if you did nothing. BUT if you refer just 2 people that puts you into Bronze level and doubles your monthly commission right off the bat. As you matrix fills you will continue to make money off of those you refer and those to spill down into your matrix. You actually could build up to a $16,000 a month recurring income just in the matrix alone.

That is only the beginning. There are an additional 3 ways you can make money with LiveGood, but I am not going to go into them now. You actually can get more info on those and other things about LiveGood by taking a free no-obligations tour. You don’t even need to give any financial info to take the free tour, but by doing so you get your place in the powerline and you can then see all they people that are joining behind you and you get an inside look into the backoffice.

But as awesome as that is, the bigger money is in the matrix match. With that you get 50% matching bonus off of those you refer from what they earned with their matrix. For example, if you referred Rose and she earned $6000 from her matrix, then you get 50% matching bonus which would be $3,000 recurring monthly income from the matrix match alone. But not just on those you refer, but you can earn matching bonus in the matrix 5 generations down depending on your level You can see how fast that add up. I personally think this is the #1 way to make money in LiveGood.

I joined LiveGood in early January and have received my weekly payments each week and 3 different monthly payments as well and they keep coming and getting bigger. Not just me though, my team is doing well as well and so can you with the exclusive tools, resources and support we provide to our team members in LiveGood. Also I work one-on- one with my team members to help them as best as I can to succeed.

So now you can see why I said LiveGood is an Internet Marketer’s Dream. With quality, inexpensive products such as our Super Reds and CBD oil and pair that with the awesome compensation plan, it is a win-win for all.


If you ever wanted to get in on the ground floor of a dynamic business at the beginning, then here it is. Think of us as the “Amazon” of Internet Marketing. Amazon started with just books and look at them now. We are starting with just 15 health and nutritional supplements and we are just beginning. Presently we have 15 products but will be expanding so you really are at the beginning.

So come on in, the water is warm, and get yourself in position to strive. Whether you are a newbie or a pro, LiveGood is the only way to go. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose, so come on in with my team and I will get you started on our fast start training to get you to Bronze level in 2 hours or a day at the latest.

So if you are ready to get started or want to check out the free tour, CLICK HERE!