About Dan G. Fox

Hi. I am Dan G. Fox

I want to get this out the way right away.  I am not any type of a so called Guru, by any stretch of the imagination.  I cannot show you how to make $1.3 million dollars in the next 3 weeks.  But who I am, is a normal person just like you.  No, I don’t make millions online, but I do make a good and steady income from working online.  You  know like many dream of doing.
I have been involved in marketing in one form or fashion since the mid 1970’s and have never stopped.  I was involved in Amway and was a Gold Direct Distributor and I was involved in another network marketing company that sold health products.  I achieved Director status with them as well.  I’ve been involved in marketing from many aspects, in fact, I even sold $1000 vacuum cleaners door-door back in the late seventies, so you know I had to like selling.
I got involved in Internet Marketing and Making Money Online back in 1996 when the Internet was still in its infancy.  That was before Google, Youtube or Facebook.  In fact I was doing marketing online prior to the Internet when all there was were “Bulletin Boards” that you could only connect to by your dial-up phone lines with a 300 or 1200 baud modem, and I made money with that throughout the 90’s.
So while I am not a Guru, I have extensive background in offline and online marketing.  I have tried almost everything online to make money and bounced from one thing to another until I finally settled in and listened to what everyone was telling me and that is what catapulted me into finally making a real income online.  Once I did that, I have never looked back.
My goal of this blog is to help others to achieve what I am doing and even more, so check here daily.
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