Why I LOVE LeadsLeap!

This is my honest review of the Leads Leap System. I actually joined Leadsleap several years ago and I am ashamed to say that I never did anything with it. Then recently a trusted mentor of mine who happens to be a seven figure earner asked me why I was not using the system, so I took a new look at it. Boy am I glad I did!

It does way more that I had thought it did. I am extremely impressed with all the values that it offers to its members, especially for free members.

These are what I can do with LeadsLeap:

– Advertise free and get quality targeted and buyer traffic and leads.

– Make money from its PPC program. (No website needed.)

– You get paid on the clicks from the traffic coop (new)

– There are actually FIVE ways to get paid!

– Write social reviews and get SEO traffic. (Again, no website needed.)

– Use its link tracker to check if I’m getting real visitors or bot traffic.

– Build my own email list, create an autoresponder and send broadcast for free.

– Get traffic from hundreds of other traffic networks without having to join each of them.

– Create professional landing pages for free.

– Create stunning popups for free.

And there is lots, lots more. I don’t know of any other program that offers so much at no cost to you at all.

And if you upgrade, it get’s even better. For example as a free member, you get 25{7e65561fbad0d06b7584ae293ebc85417043b6a1daef6f948afd9771a942557f} commissions, but as a pro member, you get 50{7e65561fbad0d06b7584ae293ebc85417043b6a1daef6f948afd9771a942557f} commissions. Also as a pro member you get 10 ad spots that you can put your ads and you don’t have to click ads for people to see yours. These ads are not only shown on LeadsLeap site, but on other sites all across the Internet.

Never be strangled by expensive list management systems again, because it’s now free!

Honestly there is way more benefits to Leads Leap that I have talked about here. To get more info and your free lifetime membership, CLICK HERE.

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